Why Lord Ganesh rides a Mouse?

As seen in pic and idols, Lord Ganesh is always shown with a cute mouse, that is his ride. But, except on Ganesh Chaturthi (which is his birthday) most of Hindus handle it in a cruel manner. We ignore the fact that both mice and rats are highly social animals. They become attached to each other, love their own families, and easily bond with their human guardians - returning as much affection as is given to them. 

You might often wondered how and why elephant headed Lord Ganesh rides a tiny mouse? 

Here is a story behind it. According to Ganesha Purana (AD 1300-1600), there was a celestial musician-lord named Krauncha. He accidentally stepped on the foot of Muni Vamadeva, who cursed him to become a mouse. However, later he promised to Krauncha that - one day the Gods themselves would bow down before him.

Once, when Lord Ganesha was invited to Maharishi Parashar’s Ashrama. Krauncha ended up stepping on the ashram and destroyed it. Lord Ganesha decided to meet the nasty mouse to teach him a lesson. He unleashed one of his weapons called ‘pasha’ which ended up looping around Krauncha’s neck and brought him to Ganesha’s feet. Kroncha asked for forgiveness and asked Ganesha to accept him as his vehicle. However, Krauncha couldn’t bear the weight of Lord Ganesha and he requested him to become light-weight which can be bearable. Since then the mouse is the vehicle of Lord Ganesha.

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