What is Speciesism? Why do we need to stop it?

Have you ever wondered why people have tears in their eyes when they hear about the cruelty done to their pet dog, but why do they not feel the same after eating a chicken's leg? The answer is "speciesism", which means people believe that different species of animals are on earth for human use and can be used for human benefit in whatever way possible without caring about the suffering it generates.

Animals also experience pain and suffering like us so we should not treat them like inanimate objects. They should not be addressed as objects but as living beings. But knowingly or unknowingly, parents, teachers, doctors, media, and our society give wrong cultural qualities to children. For example, if you look at the upbringing of children, you will often see that in many homes, even while chopping or cooking chickens, goats, or fish, the mother teaches the children not to fight or hurt anyone outside the house.

Stopping speciesism means changing our perspective and changing the mindset of those who eat animals and exploit them for human benefit. It is also a pledge to avoid the use of animal products and adopt a vegan lifestyle. When we start seeing other species as sentient beings like humans, we'll be able to stop exploiting them.

- Vegan Sudesh

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